Appellate Practice

Whether appealing a decision from an administrative agency, a district or circuit court, or even the Court of Appeals it is essential to know the legal procedure and to be properly represented when faced with an appeal or adverse decision.

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Some of the more common types of Appellate Practice are listed below:

Appeals from Administrative Agencies

It is important to be properly represented when appealing from an administrative agency hearing. There are special rules when appealing an administrative agency’s decision and it is a complicated process. Exhausting all administrative remedies is part of the requirement to appeal an administrative agency’s decision. Different agencies different sets of procedures that must be followed during a hearing or on appeal. Just a few of the different issues that might be before an administrative agency include professional license defense, unemployment insurance, immigration, and IRS tax issues.

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Kentucky Court of Appeals

When judgments are entered in court or administrative agency proceeding then the parties subjected to the adverse decisions have a limited time to file a notice of appeal. If a judgment was not in conformity with the law or there were legal errors by the court during the litigation a party sometimes has the option of appealing the adverse judgment. Appealable issues include civil matters, criminal appeals, bankruptcy appeals, tax appeals, probate appeals, and appeals of decisions made by state and federal agencies. If the law was improperly applied to the case or there were procedural errors then a successful appeal can correct these issues and a new trial can be granted.

It is important to seek counsel immediately following an adverse decision as there is only a limited time in which you can appeal. If you have been subject to an adverse judgment or have been served with a Notice of Appeal then you can contact the experienced attorneys at Lawrence & Lawrence, PLLC by emailing or calling (502) 589-5855.

Kentucky Supreme Court

The Kentucky Supreme Court is the state’s highest Court of Appeal and the final decider of state law issues. Located in Frankfort, Kentucky its first session was held in 1976. Before this the Kentucky Court of Appeals was the highest court in the states. When the Kentucky Court of Appeals has issued an opinion then the party against whom the judgment was rendered can petition for their case to be heard by this Court. The Kentucky Supreme Court only chooses a select number of petitions to actually be heard so it is important to have a well-drafted petition in order to ensure that your issue will have the opportunity to appeal.

If you have recently been the party in a Kentucky Court of Appeals case that is being petitioned to be heard in the Kentucky Supreme Court or you have been a party adversely affected by a Kentucky Court of Appeals opinion then you can contact the experienced attorneys at Lawrence & Lawrence, PLLC by emailing or calling (502) 589-5855.