General Litigation

Lawrence & Lawrence, PLLC represents clients in a wide variety of general litigation issues including: insurance disputes, business and commercial litigation, plaintiff’s cases, defense cases, and tort defense. With a breadth of knowledge and a depth of experience Lawrence & Lawrence can help guide you to a speedy and fair resolution of your issues.

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Some of the more common types of Litigation are listed below:

District Court

In Kentucky, cases where the Plaintiff is seeking less than $5,000 will be heard in the District Court. This includes small claims and civil cases.

Circuit Court

In Kentucky, cases where the Plaintiff seeks $5,000 or more will be heard in Circuit Court. This includes any civil claim that is over the minimum amount. It also includes Appeals from District Court and Appeals from most Administrative Agencies.

Defense Cases

When you or your business is faced with impending litigation it can be a stressful and harrowing experience. The unknown variables and the risk of financial and personal loss are serious issues. It is important to not only have efficient legal counsel, but also to have an attorney that will guide you through the process and ensure you are informed and understand all available options. If you would like to know more about this area of law or you or your business is facing impending litigation then please do not hesitate to contact Lawrence & Lawrence, PLLC at or call (502) 589-5855.

Plaintiffs Cases

When you have suffered a loss or been wronged by a person or entity a lawsuit for damages or injunction is often the only remedy available. Common Plaintiff’s cases include: professional malpractice, negligence cases, product liability, personal injury, business and commercial disputes, real estate disputes, insurance coverage disputes, lender liability, ERISA, FELA, asbestos, tobacco, industrial and consumer chemicals, and wrongful death.
It is important to have an experienced attorney skilled at dispute resolution to achieve a favorable result in a case. Often a dispute can be resolved outside of the courtroom with settlement negotiations and mediation. This saves considerable amounts of money and time that a trial would cost.
If you have been damaged or injured by a person or entity and would like to receive more information on the options available to you then please contact us at or call (502) 589-5855.

Tort Defense

Tort defense cases often involve complex legal questions and factual disputes. The risk of losing considerable amounts of money due to compensatory and punitive damages is great. Insurance coverage is often at issue alongside tort defense cases including insurance issues such as coverage, fraud, and extra-contractual damages.
Common types of tort defense cases include commercial transportation, trucking and motor carriers, dram shop laws, ERISA, FELA, general commercial liability, legal malpractice, medical malpractice, premises liability, product liability, asbestos, tobacco, industrial and consumer chemicals, and wrongful death.
If you would like to learn more about tort defense or are being faced with impending tort litigation then please contact us at or call (502) 589-5855.