Insurance Coverage Disputes

Insurance coverage disputes can arise in many different circumstances including property and casualty insurance, automobile insurance, homeowner’s insurance, renters’ insurance, and Commercial General Liability (CGL) coverage. Issues arising from insurance coverage disputes include bad faith denial of claims, wrongful refusal to settle, duty to defend, undervaluation of insurance claims, scope of coverage and coverage exclusions, third-party coverage and subrogation, stacking insurance policy provisions and excess insurance disputes.
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Some of the more common types of Insurance Coverage Disputes are listed below:

First Party Disputes

First-party insurance coverage disputes involve disputes between the insurance company and the policyholder over what is covered under a policy and to what extent it is covered.

Third Party Disputes

Third-party insurance coverage disputes typically refer to a dispute between your own insurance company and that of the other person involved or injured in the accident. These disputes usually center on allegations that an insurer failed their legal duty to pay a claim. Often these cases involve interpretation of the policy’s language, definitions, and limitations.