December 6

Governor Bevin Creates Kentucky Real Estate Authority to Consolidate Multiple Real Estate Boards

By Andrew C. Weeks & Michael F. Lawrence December 6, 2016 I. INTRODUCTION On December 1, 2016 Governor Matt Bevin issued Executive Order No. 2016-859. The Executive Order will have a lasting effect on Kentucky’s real estate industry by reorganizing four administrative bodies and creating the Kentucky Real Estate Authority. The changes are set to.

October 22

What To Expect During Your Kentucky Divorce

A Kentucky divorce with children involves 7 major steps. If your case is complex or goes to trial there may also be Discovery. If you need to do additional Discovery this really is its own step and should be started as soon as possible. Many of the steps can be completed simultaneously (i.e. you can.

October 22

DIVORCE LAW – KY Supreme Court Articulates Standards For Modifying Child’s Primary Residence

The Kentucky Supreme Court, in the recent case of Pennington v. Marcum, clearly defined custody and visitation and reaffirmed the requirements for modifying both custody and visitation, during and after a divorce decree. Custody is traditionally described as the care, control and maintenance of the children. Kentucky only recognizes two categories of custody; joint custody.

October 22

Kentucky Reaffirms Enforceability Of Arbitration Clauses

On August 21, 2008, the Kentucky Court of Appeals rendered the decision in Dutschke v. Jim Russell Realtors, et. al., affirming the enforceability of arbitration agreements in real estate Sale and Purchase Contracts. This decision became final in May of 2009 when the Supreme Court rejected the Dutschke’s motion for discretionary review. The Dutschke’s had.