September 8


The first step in dividing marital property and real estate is to return the non-marital property to the respective spouse. Non-marital property generally falls into three categories: 1) property acquired before the date of marriage, 2) property acquired by gift, and 3) property acquired by inheritance. Once the non-marital property has been restored to the.

February 21

Attention Rental Property Owners in Louisville, Kentucky

Effective March 1, 2017, Louisville Ordinance §119 requires all rental property owners to register their rental properties with the City of Louisville. Registration is free and can be done online at The City of Louisville has posted a helpful and informative guide to the registration process located at Failure to register your rental.

December 8

Checks and Balances: Further Reflection on Governor Bevin’s Executive Order and the Kentucky Real Estate Authority

By Andrew C. Weeks & Michael F. Lawrence December 8, 2016 Governor Bevin’s Executive Order No. 2016-859 has created a glaring conflict between Kentucky’s legislative and executive branches of government. The new makeup of the four real estate boards affected are in direct violation of the Kentucky statutes that formed the boards. A quick refresher.

December 6

Governor Bevin Creates Kentucky Real Estate Authority to Consolidate Multiple Real Estate Boards

By Andrew C. Weeks & Michael F. Lawrence December 6, 2016 I. INTRODUCTION On December 1, 2016 Governor Matt Bevin issued Executive Order No. 2016-859. The Executive Order will have a lasting effect on Kentucky’s real estate industry by reorganizing four administrative bodies and creating the Kentucky Real Estate Authority. The changes are set to.