Business & Corporate Services

In today’s world the number of regulations, codes, and legal issues facing a business can be overwhelming and complicated. Legal issues facing businesses include employment and labor law, zoning, contract preparation and negotiation, tax issues, shareholder disputes, and incorporation. Guiding your company through the murky legal and financial waters of today’s economy requires a thorough understanding of the laws and legal issues your company faces. Whether it involves protecting yourself and your company from liability through well drafted contracts, dealing with a litigious employment dispute, or dealing with a corporate audit you need an experienced advocate to explain your legal rights and the options you have in making a well-informed decision.

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Some of the more common types of Business & Corporate Services are listed below:

Acquisitions, Mergers, and Sales

Mergers and acquisitions are an essential part of the growth strategy for many businesses. A few of the complicated issues surrounding structuring a deal include arranging financing, negotiating agreements, and managing risk. Lawrence & Lawrence, PLLC can handle the following types of matters:
• Mergers, negotiated or contested
• Acquisitions
• Asset sales and purchases
• Stock sales and purchases
• Tender and exchange offers
• Leveraged buyouts
• Joint ventures
• Recapitalizations
• Proxy contests
• Anti-takeover strategies

If you are seeking to acquire or sell a company, or involved in a current merger or acquisition please do not hesitate to contact one of our experienced attorneys by emailing or calling (502) 589-5855.

Business Litigation

Business is done through a series of contracts, documents, and forms. Every aspect of business is dependent on mutual obligations and promises. You may sell or lease property or equipment, buy or sell goods, provide services, hire subcontractors, and send and receive bills. Occasionally your company may get threatened with a law suit or need to sue another company or individual. While a good deal of business litigation centers on the collection of debts Lawrence & Lawrence, PLLC can also assist you in resolving legal disputes, enforcing non-compete and non-disclosure agreements and resolving most other breach of contract claims. The links below will provide more detailed information about some of the common forms of business litigation. If you would like to speak to one of our attorneys please email or call (502) 589-5855.

Contract Preparation

Contracts are an essential part of every business. It is important to ensure that your business’s contracts are properly drafted and reviewed to protect you from liability and offer protection and guarantees essential to your company’s success. If a contract is not drafted properly it can cause your business exorbitant amounts of damage and lost revenue.
Some common types of business contracts include:
• Customer / Client Agreements
• Vendor / Supplier Agreements
• Employee / Independent Contractors
• Lease Agreements
• Insurer
• Shareholder and Stock Purchase Agreements
• Joint Venture Agreements
• Non-Compete Agreements
• Non-Disclosure Agreements
• Franchise Agreements

Generally, a company has to prepare its own contracts to use with its customers, clients, and employees. Under Kentucky law if there is an ambiguity in a contract it may be resolved in favor of the party that did not prepare the contract so it is important to have all of your contracts prepared by an experienced legal professional. When a company receives a contract often they do not read the fine print or negotiate any of the terms except for the cost of the product/service. If a dispute arises the fine print can become more important to your legal success than the cost of the product/service. If you would like to have a contract prepared or reviewed or are involved in a contract dispute please contact or call (502) 589-5855.

Corporate Audits

A corporate audit involves a detailed inspection of financial and operational procedures. While most people think of tax authorities when discussing audits, corporate audits are about more than just taxes. Auditing acts in a regulatory capacity and is designed to confirm that companies are operating within the law. A company may want to perform an internal audit on themselves to ensure they are following the proper procedures and practices and to look for ways to cut costs and improve performance.
If you are interested in performing an internal audit to ensure that you are operating legally and efficiently then you can contact us at or call (502) 589-5855.


When a business closes its doors for whatever reason how you dissolve that company is just as important as how you create it. Dissolving a company properly will protect you from future liability and expensive tax penalties. There are many issues facing a company when it dissolves and the laws vary from state to state. Company assets must be sold and debts paid with the remaining amount to be apportioned among the shareholders. Regardless of the company being dissolved the shareholders must consider the following factors: notifying all creditors of dissolution, settling creditor claims, final tax returns, division of assets, assignment of liabilities, and potential litigation associated with the dissolution.
If your company is in the process of dissolution or you would like to learn more about this process from one of our experienced attorneys you can contact or call (502) 589-5855.

Employment Disputes

Employment Disputes are a major area of concern for all business owners and cover a broad range of topics and concerns. Knowing your rights as an employer and the rights of your employees is essential to avoiding and resolving employment conflict.
Issues an employer may face include employment at will, employment and non-compete contracts, wrongful termination, unemployment insurance, collective bargaining, workplace discrimination, sexual harassment, retaliation and whistleblowing protections, occupational safety and wage and hour rules. Legal issues include terms and conditions of employment, wage and salary requirements, employment benefits, affirmative action plans, disclosure and privacy issues, vacation and leave policies, dispute resolution procedures, and safety and health issues.
Just a few of the regulations and statutes employers need to be familiar with include Title VII employment discrimination laws and their state and local equivalents, the Americans with Disabilities Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, Occupational Safety and Health (OSHA), and ERISA.
Being involved in an employment dispute is one of the most prevalent yet complicated issues an employer will address. Whether it be an unemployment insurance issue, non-compete contract, Labor Board dispute, or a discrimination suit, it is not only important to take the right steps to address these issues, but also to take the right steps to prevent these issues from occurring. If you are involved in a labor or employment dispute or would like to learn about ways to prevent these issues from occurring in the future then you can contact us at or call (502) 589-5855.


There are many decisions to make when you officially form and incorporate your business. You must choose the right form of incorporation and tax structure to protect you from liability, protect your business interests, and help prevent unfair tax penalization. There are complex decisions that need to be made regarding partnership agreements, contracts, and liability insurance. You could be exposing yourself and your company to significant financial loss and legal liability without the correct corporate structure, insurance, and clauses in your employment and client contracts.
Careful business and corporate planning is essential to success in every industry. If you would like to discuss starting your own business or the ways in which you can protect and grow your current business with one of our experienced business and corporate attorneys you can contact or call (502) 589-5855.

Shareholder Disputes

People around the world enter into new business ventures with each other every day. At the beginning of the business’s creation shareholders and partners tend to see eye to eye on the relevant business and shareholder agreements and issues. A good shareholder agreement is important for running a business smoothly.
Despite best efforts the challenges of running a business can strain shareholders and partners’ relationship causing disagreement and threatening the company’s stability. Not only can these disagreements stifle growth, but as litigation ensues it can be costly. Judicial and legislative remedies are limited, complicated, and costly. A long protracted battle in the courtroom can drain all a company’s assets and ruin the business.
Lawrence & Lawrence, PLLC can not only help set up new companies and shareholder agreements to avoid costly litigation in the future, but our experienced attorneys can encourage resolution outside of the courtroom and resolve conflicts with other shareholders in a cost efficient and equitable way. If you are starting a new business venture or involved in a current shareholder dispute and would like to speak with one of our experienced attorneys you can contact or call (502) 589-5855.